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Retreat Participant Testimonials

“I have been relishing in being relaxed and balanced since my return to 'normal' life! Thank you for taking the time to help us create a wonderful and memorable weekend together, one we will be talking about for years to come.  I know my sister really needed this and she texted me yesterday to say, 'yes, still balanced!' I, too, am still feeling the effects of taking a weekend for myself. I especially liked the morning that you created for us ~ the guided breathing exercises, gentle yoga and dancing together were digestible for everyone in our group. You have a talent for meeting people where they are in life and skillfully guiding them through healing experiences. I appreciate the time for the private and personal sessions, too.”
August 2014



Testimonial 1

"I have worked with Kelly to address chronic health concerns and to simply feel good. Kelly’s deep understanding of the energetics of the human body guides her to use the many disciplines at her disposal for the most effective, direct method of healing and energetic opening. Her use of SCENAR technology along with massage have provided excellent results - there is an immediate, noticeable difference with each treatment and, unlike with many therapies, improvement continues over several days and weeks. These are very effective healing tools in the hands of a caring, experienced health professional."

C. C. November 2010



Testimonial 2

“Today I had the pleasure of meeting Kelly, who taught me something that I will never forget. 4 breaths in – four breaths out. This simple breathing trick – done with your eyes closed, one hand on your heart the other on your diaphragm, is designed to relax your body and reconnect it with your brain. So often we are distracted by life. Our brains run at 1,000 miles per hour and we don’t often let them reconnect with our bodies. Instead we just keep going. We ignore the warning signs, the little moments where our bodies are trying to tell us to slow down, to pause, to take a moment to relax. By taking four deep breaths in and four deep breaths out and really truly focusing on that moment, we can reconnect the two pzzarts that are so often at war with one another – body and brain. Next time you’re stressed, anxious, upset or having a panic attack. Pause and remember four breaths in – four breaths out.” M. S. July 2010





Testimonial 3

“Thank you, Kelly, for going far beyond the norm in my care while I was battling Leukemia. When I felt chemo was giving me my last breaths, you touched my shoulder and gave me encouragement that I could beat this insidious disease. And when I do, I will remember always how you lifted my strength and spirit to renew my determination to LIVE!” “Forever grateful” R. B. “SURVIVOR” July 2010



Testimonial 4

“Thank you again for having that uncanny ability to know when “encouragement” is so important for a patient – and the ability to communicate with a wisdom level far above that of a person of your age”.

“Forever your grateful friend,” R. B September 2010



Testimonial 5

Healing happens for each of us in our own way and can often require visits to different types of practitioners to find the right fit. To find your way to Kelly is to discover a treasure-trove. Her vast knowledge of various modalities gives her the opportunity to approach each of her sessions with a wide scope and more personalized attention. I wholeheartedly trust her wisdom. For me, this approach along with her warm, compassionate spirit provide for safe and nurturing sessions, all of which are essential for true healing. Give yourself the gift of a session with Kelly. You and your wellbeing are worth it!

P.N. Sept 2013



Testimonial 6

I can think of no better way to relax an over-stressed nervous system than with a session with Kelly. Not only does she possess a superlative mastery of a wide variety of body work techniques, but her intuitive abilities connect her to her clients and their needs in an extraordinary way. These combine with Kelly’s calm, healing presence to create a rejuvenating experience like none other.

E.W. August 2013



Testimonial 7

“I am a cancer (leukemia) patient undergoing the rigor, the blues, the pain and the fight of chemotherapy. My high anxiety and fear were calmed as soon as Kelly began her healing touch therapy… It soothed my mind, my body, and my soul. Kelly’s words and healing touch helped me to focus on the “present” and not the pain. Kelly has an inner joy and spirit that spills out…and that’s a gift. Kelly helped me feel strong—even when I didn’t think I could be strong. May Kelly’s soul always sparkle—as she’s helped mine to. Peace, Health, Love “

S.S  3C patient 8/13/13.



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