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Brain Education for Children
Brain Education for Children nurtures the full development and optimal functioning of the child's brain and creates a foundation for them to lead successful and fulfilling lives.
A child’s brain develops rapidly between the ages of four and twelve and the information and learning he or she gets at this stage has a life-long impact. Brain Education therefore helps children systematically cultivate the full potential of their brains and their lives.  Brain Education for Kids has for over 20 years pioneered brain-based education and has more than 300 Brain Education Centers around the world providing before and after-school programs to preschools and daycare centers.

The Brain Education Program for  Children improves their concentration, memory, scholastic aptitude and educates on better stress management. Enhancing creativity and self-confidence, the program also nurtures well-rounded character development and harmonious social relationships.
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Brain Eduction Program for Children benefits include:
• Improved concentration, memory, scholastic aptitude
• Better stress management
• Enhanced creativity and self-confidence
• Well-rounded character development
• Harmonious social relationships

Brain Education is one way to peace and fulfilment -  today, and into the future. 
Kelly offers Brain Education courses in Private, Group as well as Corporate settings.
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